We are Municipal IT Support Experts!

CCI has been providing IT support services for municipalities for over 3 decades, so we are well versed in the struggles that are presented in these high demand networks. We focus our flat-rate, easily budgetable IT services around everything that municipalities need and nothing they don’t. With laser focus on security, continuity, disaster recovery, communication, and collaboration, we have proven time and time again that CCI is the premier technology provider in the Twin State area. 

We realize the unique demands that are put on those who work under the watchful eye of the taxpayers. You know what it’s like. Who knows, maybe the 80’s English Rock Band “The Police” were talking about municipal employees when they said “every move you make, every step you take, I’ll be watching you”.  Budget meeting after meeting, revision after revision, knowing full well that someone out there is going to take exception to your carefully crafted spending plan. 

We realize that technology is only a part of your overall budget, but it can be a big piece. The good news is that we are generally able to save taxpayer dollars with out municipal managed IT services plan and provide a more secure, reliable, and pain-free service than most other providers. 



We Can Also Handle All Your Hardware Needs!

Working for towns in the Twin State area you know that your 4 seasons aren’t the same as everyone else’s. Where most folks have spring, summer, fall, and winter you know very well that spring, summer, fall, and BUDGET SEASON is a more accurate description. We would appreciate any opportunity to provide you with estimates for your upcoming hardware needs. Whether it is chromebooks, laptops or desktops for your staff, or even more “behind the scenes” equipment like firewalls, switches, servers, or wireless access points, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to find out how we can help! 

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