Complete Care: Flat-Rate Managed IT

Why is “Complete Care” our only service contract offering?

  1. There is a strong market for delivering a complete, transparent and accountable IT department experience at a small fraction of the cost of hiring and equipping your own, in-house IT department.
    1. Hiring staff to do the work is far more expensive, far less flexible, and more difficult to manage.
    2. Frequent, recent, ongoing, and high-profile security issues have exposed the inadequacy of most of the lower cost alternatives.
  2. Any other approach has proven inadequate to meeting the modern realities of a secure and productive workplace.
    1. Complete Care is more than a flat rate “unlimited service” agreement.  It includes everything needed for a proven secure network.  It is literally a turnkey solution that manages risks and drives better productivity out of the gate.
    2. One-man IT solutions expose risks for gaps in service and irregularities in time to service and completion of service
    3. Metered service agreements like what CCI offered in the past are not proactive enough to deal with security issues and invariably cause IT service rationing to the customers detriment.
    4. Metered service agreements waste a lot of time on both ends, provider and client, discussing the cost of services.  This is time not spent fixing issues.
    5. In a flat-rate plan the provider has a vested interest in taking whatever actions are needed to prevent unplanned time wasting and severe security concerns.  The provider need not obtain permission to do this work in most cases because it does not generate a cost to the client.  These motives are better aligned.
    6. The inclusion of a CIO (Technical Account Manager) under Complete Care has proven very useful to clients.  They get to work through one trusted individual on most projects and issues.  Yet they enjoy a predictable and rapid response on service requests because a team of technicians is also involved.

 Despite a higher price point, it is very clear that Complete Care is the winner in terms of value to the client.

Complete Care is a combination of Core Deliverables (comes standard with Complete Care) with some additional bolt-on (Additions that can be made to Complete Care) that fall under 3 major categories.

 Network Security:

             Endpoint Antivirus 

             Patch Management 

              Network Security testing and reporting 

              Next Generation Firewall 

              Secure Wireless

Mock Phishing and End User Training

Email SPAM filtering and security

Password Security 

Network policy (visibility and control) 

              Compliance – HIPPA, CJIS, NIST,  PCI

              IP Cameras/Surveillance

 Continuity and Disaster Recovery

On Prem and Cloud Backup 

Core Network Visibility, Alerting, and Control 

Free Repair Parts, loaners, and replacements

              Office 365 Backup        

Productivity, Communication, and Collaboration:

Email, unified communication 

Company Intranet 

Meetings and Conference Room 

Password Management

Online Training 

              Phone Systems

So, in reality, Complete Care is a lot more than just a contract for IT services.  It’s a carefully crafted mixture of products and services that work together to provide a secure and productive technology workplace.  It is proven effective and has a rapidly growing number of reference customers available upon request.

Break/fix opportunities are also available at $150/hour with no service level agreement.

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