Since 1987, CCI Managed Services (formerly known as Competitive Computers) has been solving business technology problems. Today our experts monitor and manage over 100 business networks ranging in size from a few computers to nearly a thousand. By working with organizations of all sizes, we have gained valuable experience and a unique perspective. We believe in cross-pollination; if we see something working well for one client, we offer solutions that we know work for other clients with similar needs. We follow known recipes for IT solutions, so that we can guarantee results and a strong return on investment.

Information Technology is constantly changing!  Our emphasis on continued learning helps to keep our technicians sharp and able to competently deploy today’s solutions.  Our team possess a wide variety of certifications, including A+, Security +, Server +, and multiple IBM, Lenovo, Intel, WatchGuard and Microsoft certifications.  But what really sets our technicians apart isn’t just their training and experience, they also possess the ability to listen and communicate both with technical and non-technical people. We aren’t just technology providers; we believe in working with clients to find solutions to their IT and business needs.

Our deep, meaningful relationships with vendor partners allow us to offer and support best-of-class solutions to our clients. If an issue or problem occurs, these strategic partnerships give us the upper hand over the competition. We know when, where, and who to contact obtain ultimate satisfaction for our clients.

We value our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or where we can improve.

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