Understanding the Differences in Managed Services Contracts


So you have a managed service contract but are unsure exactly what that means. See the graphic below to discover what is and what isn’t included with your current agreement.

As you can see, if you are in a break-fix or Traditional VIP contract there are several vital things missing. When CCI began offering Managed Services the Traditional VIP contracts were ahead of their time but in an ever evolving climate they are no longer sufficient which is why we developed Complete Care. So, how did we fix this with Complete Care?

  1. We can conduct full, in depth network security audits.  Annually is a practical solution.  Outside of Complete Care a single network up to 20 users would cost $750 and we can price this kind of engagement for larger customers.
  2. We now offer the WatchGuard firewall as a fully managed Hardware as a Service deliverable.  There is no up-front cost, no subscription renewal fees, and we bill monthly for the hardware, setup, monitoring and any services directly related to this device.  The cost starts at around $60 a month for small sites.
  3. We now offer a far better contract that includes a much broader set of deliverables around network security with Complete Care (see graphic above).
  4. Complete Care offers all of these deliverables for a flat monthly fee and never changes unless you add people or equipment to your network. This allows us to provide a full IT department experience with strict SLA requirements and with best-in-class services for the fraction of the cost of hiring your own IT department.

If you would like to be on the short list to learn about the Complete Care solution, please let us know by emailing sales@ccimanaged.com or by calling 603-542-5109 ext 118.

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