Understanding the Differences in Managed Services Contracts

So you have a managed service contract but are unsure exactly what that means. See the graphic below to discover what is and what isn’t included with your current agreement.

So what does this mean?

Well, as you can see there are vast differences between the programs. 

“Break/Fix” can be inexpensive until something breaks and then the costs can be astronomical! 

VIP offers some great deliverables help to keep your network safe and secure and is also low cost, but like Break/fix has massive hourly billing when something needs attention. Oftentimes clients will workaround or live with significant problems to avoid hourly labor bills which cause frustration and negatively impact productivity. 

Complete Care is our response to the unexpected costs that are so common with Information Technology! We offer a flat rate contract that is “all you can eat”! No more worrying about surprise bills or hourly labor charges, if you need us you call us and you are covered. You can easily budget and plan for all your IT expenses! We have proven that for small to medium sized businesses we can provide an entire, proactive IT department experience for a fraction of the cost of hiring your own “IT Guy”! 

If you are interested in getting on the rapidly growing list of of businesses who are interested in Complete Care please call or email and one of our sales professionals will be in touch!

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